Staying active as you age

Experts agree that no matter how old you are, staying active is vital for short and long-term health. It’s also true, however, that as we get older exercise, particularly traditional weight-bearing exercise such as walking and running, can be difficult. You may be hampered by an old injury, a hip issue or arthritis, or simply struggle with the aches and pains that most of us feel as we get older.

The solution won’t be found in your lounge chair; it can be found in an electric bicycle.

6 reasons why the young at heart should consider an electric bike

  • Cycling is a great form of exercise. It gets you out in the fresh air, is non-weight-bearing, and can be enjoyed with friends and family. Headwinds and hills can make traditional cycling arduous and painful for even young, fit people. An electric bike is a terrific alternative because you have total control over how much power assistance you receive.
  • Gentle pedalling will be the perfect medicine for your not-so-young joints and muscles. An electric bike, and the power control it provides, ensures you can pedal gently always, even when faced with a hill or headwind.
  • An electric bike is very easy to use. If you’ve ever ridden a regular bicycle, you can ride an electric bicycle!
  • You don’t need to be particularly mobile to ride an electric bicycle. A large percentage of the bikes in the range at Melbourne Electric Bicycles are “step-through” style, which means you don’t need to climb over a cumbersome top bar or seat.
  • Electric bikes are low-maintenance. All our electric bicycles are fitted with high quality tyres, meaning you are practically guaranteed that annoying punctures are a thing of the past.
  • Fit your electric bike with a basket or pannier bag (also available at Melbourne Electric Bicycles) and you have the perfect transport to and from the shops. You certainly won’t need to worry about carrying a little extra weight on the return home – just dial up the power!