Brisbane a boon for the electric bike rider

If Brisbane is a great place to ride a bike, then it’s an even better location to ride an electric bike!

With bike paths circulating through many parts of the city and rides such as the Boondal Wetlands, a bayside ride along Wynnum and Manly, the Morten Bay Cycleway and beautiful off-road trails such as those around Daisy Hill Conservation Park nearby, it’s no wonder Brisbane is considered one of the best places to ride a bike.

Now, with Melbourne Electric Bicycles supplying interstate customers, it’s one of the best places to ride an electric bicycle!

Plus, if you purchase an electric bicycle from Melbourne Electric Bicycles:

  • We’ll ensure the bike is fully calibrated and adjusted in our workshop before delivery. While we believe this is vital to ensure a safe bike and provide the most enjoyable experience for the rider, there are some suppliers who don’t do this.
  • You’ll enjoy the peace of mind of a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on most of our e-bikes.
  • When you take delivery of your electric bike, all you’ll need do is take out of the box, put on the pedals and straighten the handlebars: tasks that almost anyone can do. Many less reputable suppliers will sell you a bike that needs to be assembled let alone calibrated and tuned.
  • You can be assured you’ll receive a competitive price on all our electric bicycles and accessories.


Melbourne Electric Bicycles delivers to Brisbane