Power to the Commuter

People choose a bicycle to commute rather than the car or public transport for many reasons. For some, it’s a great way of saving money or keeping healthy and fit. For others, it’s more of a necessity, as they don’t have a car, don’t have a licence or can’t catch public transport. Still others find cycling is a great way to prepare for the daily grind and unwind after a long day.

Whatever your reason, the daily commute can be improved by investing in a quality electric bicycle.

5 obvious reasons why you should consider an electric bike for your commute

  • One of the big advantages of an electric bicycle for the daily commuter is that you have total control over how much assistance you receive. Feeling good? Pedal like crazy with no assistance. Feeling tired after a long day, need help to battle a headwind or long hill, or want to arrive at work refreshed rather than hot and sweaty? Take it easy and dial up the power.
  • Powered by a lightweight lithium battery, you’ll be able to ride at least 30 kms with maximum power assistance and 50 kms to well over 100 kms in pedal assist mode on an electric bike. With a larger capacity battery or less help from the motor, you’ll be able to travel much further than this. If you’re like most commuters this means you’ll only need to recharge, at worst, at the end of each day.
  • If you cycle with a change of clothes and work gear you can quickly become weighed down on a traditional bicycle. Switch to an electric bike and you’ll have plenty of power to move yourself and whatever you need to carry.
  • If you want to cut down on the gear you need to carry, remember that the less effort required to ride an electric bike means you’ll most likely be able to ride in your work wear.
  • A quality electric bike from Melbourne Electric Bicycles will see you commuting comfortably and reliably for many fun-filled years.