emotion electric bikes
Focus want every moment you spend on your electric bike to be unique and for you and your bike to be the perfect unit. The standards for Focus electric bikes are too important, that’s why Focus doesn’t build just any bikes. They create performance bikes. Bikes for the ultimate riding experience. German engineered experience at its best!

Focus develop all their bikes in Stuttgart, Germany.  German engineering has centuries of precision, craftmanship and durability and a reputation for quality.  At Focus E Bikes, every engineer is a passionate bike rider first and foremost.  Prototype testing is done right on their doorstep in Stuttgart.  Designs are then tested above and beyond industry standards and legal requirements in Cloppenburg, Germany. This is also where the final production is carried out with the latest technologies and finest methods available to the cycling industry.

Focus electric bikes can only be purchased from a specialist dealer. Because as a specialist dealer we can provide detailed advice, recommend the best electric bicycle for you, and then carry out the service work later.

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Showing all 26 results