SmartMotion electric bikes

The SmartMotion electric bicycle evolved from the successful development of the Smartmotion eDrive system for the New Zealand Post delivery bicycles. NZ posties spend a lot of time on their bikes (equating to about 10 years of ‘normal’ electric bike use per year) fully-loaded, stopping and starting, in rain, hail or shine: a testament to the SmartMotion’s postie bikes’ durability and reliability.

With the NZ postie bike conquered, production then started on electric bikes for the commercial market. The bikes rapidly evolved, particularly throughout the last few years. SmartMotion now sell some sexy, durable, reliable and affordable electric bikes suitable for Australian conditions.

They are designed to thrive in the Australian environment. Their durable build, dependable performance, and extended battery life that ensures effortless pedalling.

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Showing all 6 results