Kalkhoff electric bikes
For over 95 years Kalkhoff has been developing impressive bikes on both the design and technology fronts. Every year they succeed in driving the trend forward and bringing significant innovations to market. When it comes to the development, manufacturing and construction of their bikes, they prefer to keep things traditional: their bikes are Made in Germany, hand-crafted to the highest standard of workmanship. A team of experts made up of engineering designers, professional riders, scientists, prototype manufacturers and testing engineers work side-by side at their workshops. What’s more, every one of their bikes is produced individually and is hand-welded.

Besides perfect components, every bike needs tough, durable paintwork. The frames are therefore powder coated in a cutting-edge, environment-friendly paint shop. This process involves baking plastic granules into the frame, which then form a top-class, tough finish.

2016 offers new designs and the all new Impulse EVO motors featuring more power up to 80Nm and 20% quieter than the previous model. These frames will take up to 170kgs load capacity, the batteries are up to 17Ah making them one of the largest on the market with some models having the battery fully integrated into the frame.

* Kalkhoff available in store only

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