Getting left behind is a thing of the past!

If you’ve got kids, a partner or friends who are fitter and faster than you, you’ll know all too well the feeling of being left behind or having to burst a boiler just trying to stay with them.

While it’s important to be involved with your children and partner’s activities and enjoy the company of friends – not to mention the exercise your body needs –there has to be a better way… Thankfully, there is!

5 reasons why those who have trouble keeping up should consider an electric bike

  • Purchase an electric bicycle and you’ll never be left behind again. When you find yourself falling behind or struggling, just dial up the power enjoy the sensation of being pushed along from behind. You may even find your kids, partner or friends have trouble keeping up with you!
  • Today’s electric bicycles are so sophisticated, and the power packs and motors so small and light, that most people will have trouble noticing anything different from a regular bicycle.
  • Electric bikes are fantastic if you enjoy family outings such as trips to the playground, park or beach. With the addition of accessories such as baskets and pannier bags, and the power that an electric bike provides, you’ll easily be able to carry all the supplies you need.
  • Electric bikes are so enjoyable that instead of cringing every time your children, partner or friends mention they want to go for a ride, you’ll smile.
  • Cycling is a great form of low impact exercise and electric bike riding is no different. Even when using maximum assistance your body will reap the benefits of regular outings on your electric bicycle.