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Serving Melbourne and greater Australia since 2012, we live and breathe electric bicycles. Our early entry into the market has provided our team with unrivalled experience across a wide variety of e-bike genres including Commuter, Comfort, Road, Mountain, Cargo, Folding and Adventure bikes. With the benefit of having developed time-tested expertise, let us help you find the right bike for you. We do this by cutting through all the industry myths and with our team providing professional advice and options, together with their pros and cons. At Melbourne Electric Bicycles we want to sell you the right bike, not just any bike. Together with our sister store Perth Electric Bike Centre, we have you covered Coast to Coast, regardless of whether you’re looking for fun, fitness or freedom!

We have Melbourne's largest range of quality electric bicycles in store, guaranteed!

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We stock more than 40 different electric bicycles at all times. Bikes that look equally at home on the streets of Paris or riding along the Yarra in Melbourne, with a subtle difference – our bikes have the latest technology lithium batteries and motors that make an electric bike much more fun than a traditional bike!

Our range includes global heavyweight brands, such as Focus, Kalkhoff, Orbea, Tern, Velo de Ville and others. So, when we say we have the largest range of electric bicycles Melbourne wide, we can stand behind our claim. We invite you to come in and experience our comprehensive range for yourself. Take one or several of our electric bikes for a test ride. We guarantee it will leave you with a smile on your face and a spring in your step!

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Why choose Melbourne Electric Bicycles?

  • We have been selling quality electric bikes since 2012 and have subsequently opened a 2nd store in Perth (Perth Electric Bike Centre) and are looking to further extend our footprint in Australia.
  • We offer quality brands and accessories at the best prices.
  • We have Australia’s largest range of quality electric bicycles in store.
  • We don’t just sell electric bicycles; we match them to the specific requirements and size of the individual. This guarantees our customers a long-term investment in fun, fitness and freedom.
  • We live and breathe E-Bikes, it’s all we do every day.
  • We provide a full after sales in-store workshop service, including a 3-month free safety check and service for every bike sold.
  • You can test ride any bike in the shop. We guarantee it will put a smile on your face!
  • Our e bikes comply with Australian Standards, making them street legal.
  • We sell all the accessories you need for your bike.
  • We also provide short-term rental of electric bicycles, ideal for a leisurely ride along St Kilda beach or the Yarra.
  • All our bikes come with a minimum 2 year manufacturer’s electrical component warranty (including battery). Proving that our models are built to last.


What Should Be Considered When Purchasing a High-Quality Electric Bicycle?

When a high-quality electric bike is being purchased, several factors need to be considered.

First, what type of bike will best suit your needs should be considered. Is it being used for commuting, leisure, adventure, or mountain bike riding. Or to keep up with the pack as a road bike?

Second, the battery capacity and range should be considered to ensure your needs for distance and usage are met.

Third, the motor type and power should be considered, as this will impact the bike's performance and speed.

Fourth, the quality of the bike's components, such as brakes and suspension, should be considered for safety and comfort.

Fifth, the bike's features, such as lights, display, and accessories, should be considered to ensure your specific needs and preferences are met.

Additionally, where the bike is made should also be considered. High-quality bikes are almost always European and are manufactured by companies that have been making bikes for many years.

What Is an Electric Bicycle?

An electric bike, also known as an e-bike, features an electric motor and battery to assist with pedalling. In Australia, e-bikes are classified as bicycles. You can legally ride them on the road, on shared paths (where allowed), and in bike lanes.

The design of the electric motor limits it to 250 watts to assist the rider up to a maximum speed of 25km/h. Electric bikes are gaining increasing popularity in Australia. They offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly mode of transportation for commuting, as well as for leisure and adventure.

What Are the Best Electric Bicycles for You?

When considering the best electric bicycle for you, it's crucial to think about your needs and intended use. If you're planning to use your e-bike for commuting, consider a model with a long-range battery and comfortable features like suspension and integrated lights and fenders to make your ride safer and more convenient. Should you plan to use your E-Bike for off-road adventures, consider a model with a more powerful motor and wider tyres for better traction on dirt trails.

Additionally, if you plan to carry cargo or use your e-bike as a replacement for your car, look for models with sturdy frames and cargo-carrying capacity. By considering your specific needs and use cases, you can find the best electric bicycle that fits your lifestyle and makes your rides more enjoyable. Melbourne Electric Bicycles can assist you further in identifying the best bike to suit your purpose.

What Motors Are Used in Electric Bikes

In Australia, manufacturers limit electric bikes to a maximum power output of 250 watts. They also require a pedal-assist system that cuts out at a speed of 25km/h. Riders commonly use mid-drive and hub motors in electric bikes in Australia.

Cyclists generally consider mid-drive motors more desirable than hub motors for several reasons. Firstly, mid-drive motors perform better on hills and rough terrain. How? By utilising the bike's gears to deliver more torque to the rear wheel. This means that mid-drive bikes are more efficient and have a longer range than bikes with hub motors. Additionally, mid-drive motors provide a more natural and responsive pedal-assist experience. This makes mid-drive bikes feel more like traditional bikes, with the added benefit of electric assist.

Manufacturers place hub motors, on the other hand, in either the front or rear wheel hub of the better-quality electric bikes. And often use them in lightweight road and gravel bikes. This is because some of the better-quality European systems weigh less than 4 kilograms. They are generally simpler and less expensive than mid-drive motors. But in lower quality bikes, they can be less efficient and affect the bike's balance and handling.

What Are the Benefits of Buying an Electric Bike?

Five benefits to riding an electric bike (e-bike):
Health benefits: E-biking is still a great form of exercise, even if you're getting a boost from the electric motor. It's been shown that e-bike riders tend to ride for longer distances more frequently than traditional bike riders, leading to better health outcomes. Plus, e-biking can be a great way to get outside and enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

Environmental benefits: E-bikes are more environmentally friendly than cars, as they produce zero emissions and require less energy to operate. Choosing an e-bike for commuting or shopping can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and help reduce air pollution.

Cost savings: E-bikes are typically less expensive to purchase and maintain than cars and can be a cost-effective alternative for short to medium-distance trips. Plus, e-bikes don't require gas or parking, saving you money in the long run.

Convenience: With an e-bike, you can avoid traffic and arrive at your destination faster and with less effort. Plus, e-bikes can be easier to park and store than cars, especially in urban areas.

Accessibility: Electric bicycles can make cycling more accessible to a broader range of people, including those with physical limitations or who live in hilly areas. E-bikes can help people stay active and independent, regardless of age or fitness level.

Overall, e-biking can be a fun, convenient, and environmentally friendly way to get around. Whether commuting to work, running errands, or just enjoying a leisurely ride, an e-bike can provide a great way to explore your surroundings and stay active. Visit us today to check out the widest range of electric bicycles Melbourne wide.

Why Is an Electric Bike Better Than a Car?

Five reasons riding an electric bike is better than driving a car.

Environmental impact: Electric bikes emit far less pollution and greenhouse gases than cars. In fact, as per a European Cyclists' Federation study, e-bikes produce just 22g of CO2 per kilometre, compared to 271g per kilometre for cars.

Cost-effectiveness: E-bikes generally cost much less to purchase and maintain than cars, making them more cost-effective. You don't need fuel or regular trips to the mechanic, saving you money on both upfront costs and ongoing expenses.

Convenience: E-bikes often travel faster than cars in urban areas, especially during peak hours. You don't need to park them, solving a significant issue in crowded cities. You can also use e-bikes on bike lanes and paths, allowing you to bypass traffic congestion.

Health benefits: Riding an e-bike improves your physical fitness and overall health. It also provides a low-impact activity that is easier on your joints than running or traditional cycling.

Accessibility: Electric bicycles offer an excellent option for people who cannot drive a car due to physical limitations or age. With pedal assist, you can still enjoy the benefits of cycling with less physical strain.

How Do Electric Bikes Work?

Pedelec bikes, also known as electric bikes, combine a traditional bike design with an electric motor and battery. The motor is usually located in the hub of the wheel or in the crankset. It provides additional power to assist the rider's pedalling. A rechargeable battery is typically found on the bike's frame or in a rear rack. It powers the motor and can be charged using a standard electrical outlet.

Pedelec bikes use a pedal-assist system. Meaning the motor provides power to the pedals to help the rider pedal more efficiently. The assistance level can be adjusted using a control panel on the bike's handlebars. Most quality pedelec bikes are equipped with sensors that detect how hard the rider is pedalling. It then adjusts the motor's power accordingly, providing a smooth and natural riding experience.

In Australia, the motor is permitted to assist riders up to 25 km/h.

Try before you buy! Rent from the widest range of electric bicycles Melbourne-wide and experience the thrill of effortless riding.

What Should I Consider When Buying an Electric Bike and What Key Features Should I Consider When Making a Purchase?

As a customer interested in the realm of electric bikes, you're likely exploring a variety of options.

The electric bike, also known as an e-bike or ebike, has surged in popularity due to its unique blend of speed and convenience.

Whether you're tackling steep mountain trails on specialized mountain bikes, cruising city streets on a stylish cruiser, or navigating gravel paths, the electric assist makes the ride smoother and less strenuous.

The battery generates torque to help you conquer challenging terrains, and folding bikes offer easy storage and transport.

The hybrid bike, a blend of road and mountain bike, is another versatile option, offering the ability to handle various terrains.

When choosing your bike, consider the brand, reputation, the quality of the brakes, suspension versus full suspension, and tires, and of course, the price.

Many brands offer high-quality bicycles with additional features like cargo racks for extra storage.

Don't forget to check the weight of the bike, the wattage of the electric motor, and the type of tire it uses.

The specific bike components also matter when you make your choice. For example: Alloy Frame, Carbon Frame, Carbon/Alloy Frame, Hydraulic Disc Brake, Mechanical Disc Brake, Rim Brake, U-Brake, V-Brake, Front Wheel Drive, Mid Drive, Rear Wheel Drive.

Whether you're looking for a road bike, an electric bike, or a sport-specific model, we can help you find the perfect ride, just for you.

If you are in the market for an electric mountain bikes , make a note that they should have good suspension and brakes, and have torque to spare. Premium brands like Orbea and Focus will do the trick!

What Laws Should I Be Aware of When Purchasing an Electric Bike?

While there are a number of legal aspects that apply to electric bicycles ( otherwise know as Power Assisted Bicycles ), a qualified and experienced e-bike store should be able to confidently answer any and all related queries.

Importantly, Vic Roads ( ) confirms that electric bikes 'are not required to be registered nor the rider required to be licensed.'

They primarily relate to Bike Features: Pedal Assisted, Limited to 25kph, Compliant with Australian Regulations, Different Motor Modes (PEDELEC OR PEDAL ASSISTED, POWER ON-DEMAND OR THROTTLE OPERATED), but  generally speaking, regulations for electric bicycles may cover aspects such as:

Power and Speed: There may be limits on the motor power (watts) and maximum speed for electric bicycles to be considered legal.

Age and Licensing: Rules might dictate a minimum age requirement for riding an electric bicycle and whether a license is needed.

Helmets: Regulations may require riders to wear helmets while operating electric bicycles.

Road Use: Electric bicycles may be restricted to certain areas like bike lanes, shared paths, or roads, and prohibited from use on pedestrian footpaths.

Registration and Insurance: Some regions may require registration or specific insurance for electric bicycles.

Pedal Assist vs. Throttle Control: There could be distinctions between pedal-assist electric bicycles and those with throttle control, affecting where they can be used and if they require registration.

Equipment Requirements: Rules may specify required equipment such as lights, reflectors, wheels and bells.

Weight and Dimensions: There could be limits on the weight and dimensions of electric bicycles.

And let's not forget that all customer service are not created equal!

What The Heck are Electric Hybrid Bikes?

A hybrid electric bike is a perfect blend of an e-road bike and an e-mountain bike, designed to cater to various terrains. These bikes incorporate the best features to create a versatile all-rounder, making them particularly effective in urban settings. This makes them a favourite among city commuters.

The hybrid e-bike is all about amalgamating the advantages of different e-bikes. Designed with this purpose, these e-bikes embody the true spirit of a flexible e-bike.

Electric Hybrid Bikes are engineered to be durable and require minimal maintenance, built for life on the road with front forks to absorb the shocks. Additionally, many are equipped with features such as mudguards and pannier racks, making them perfect for carrying your essentials, whether your lunch and laptop for work or luggage for an adventure!

The primary advantage of riding a hybrid e-bike is its versatility. Since a hybrid bike merges features from various types of bicycles, it doesn't limit its use.

You can navigate through most types of terrain without pushing your bike over dirt or loose gravel. Some of the added benefits include:

- Wider tires that ensure traction on both unpaved and paved surfaces.

- Some variants of hybrid e-bikes are more cost-effective than standard electric bicycles.

- Wider seats and an upright riding style provide comfort on longer, off-road rides.

If versatility in an e-bike is what you seek, a hybrid model might be your ideal choice.

Here are a few prevalent types of hybrid e-bikes:

Urban Hybrid E-Bikes: While standard e-bikes are ideal for paved surfaces, urban hybrid electric bicycles are close behind. These e-bikes blend a commuter and city bicycle, ensuring plenty of comfort on extended rides.

Off-Road Hybrid E-Bikes: Off-road hybrid e-bikes are an excellent choice for adventurous riders. These robust electric bikes can handle dirt lanes, gravel roads, and some trails. Some models are also adept at transitioning smoothly to city riding. If you plan on biking on and off-road, look for an e-bike with mountain bike characteristics.

Recreational Hybrid E-Bikes: These are perfect for short trips around parks, lakes, and other outdoor areas. If you frequently visit nearby nature sites like reserves, lakes, or outdoor camps to relax, these might be the e-bike you've been looking for.

Do you have opportunities to make regular outdoor trips to nearby nature sites like reserves, lakes, or outdoor camps to unwind? If yes, these may be the e-bike you've been looking for. 

Unless you require an electric road bike or mountain bike for a specific purpose, hybrid e-bikes are the most versatile option for casual cyclists – ideal for cycling to work during the week and ready for a lot of weekend fun.