What kind of frame suits me?

What’s the best frame type that for your individual needs? While we’re happy to help you find the best electric bike for your individual needs if you visit Melbourne Electric Bicycles, if you’re doing some online research here’s a summary of what’s available and what may suit:


If it’s adventure you’re looking for, an adventure bike will take you there. Able to go on terrain that will leave some other bikes gasping, adventure bikes are the perfect way to get away from it all and ride on almost any terrain.


If being comfortable is more important than getting from A to B the quickest way possible, one of our range of comfort electric bikes is the way to go. The entire set-up is designed to ensure you can enjoy your ride with a minimum of fuss.


Looking to go the extra mile? Touring bikes are perfect if you enjoy long rides in comfort, while still being excellent for the commute during the week. They can handle the extra loads if you want to team your bike with a set of panniers and load it up.

Hybrid / Commuter

Think of these bikes as a nice halfway point between a road bike and a mountain bike. Perfect for the commute to work on the weekdays, while still being able to go on lighter tracks and gravel paths on the weekend.