Electric bicycles for fun, fitness and freedom

Electric Bikes in Melbourne

Sit back and relax and enjoy the feeling of being pushed along or pedal like crazy, the decision is yours with a state of the art and incredibly fun electric bicycle.

Whether you’re looking for fun, fitness or freedom, Melbourne Electric Bicycles has the perfect bike for everyone. Come in, check out our entire range and take one of our electric bikes for a test ride. We guarantee it will leave you with a smile on your face and a spring in your step!

“We have Melbourne’s largest
range of quality electric bicycles in store, guaranteed! Find a larger one and we will take $100 off your e-bike purchase.”

We stock over 35 different electric bicycles at all times. In addition, our range of quality bikes includes at least 11 brands including; Bionx, BH Emotion, Ezee, Envimotion, Gazelle, Grace, KTM, Powerped, Promovec, Stealth and others, some of which are exclusive to us in Melbourne. So when we say we have the largest range in Melbourne, we can stand behind our claim. We invite you to come in and see our comprehensive range for yourself.

Which electric bicycle rider are you?

Daily Commuter

Whether you want to arrive at work refreshed rather than sweaty, have a killer hill you’d like to flatten or need to power into a headwind, help for the daily commuter is at hand… And foot. More details…

Young at Heart

You may never forget how to ride a bike, but your legs, back or neck might not be what they once were. An electric bike is the perfect solution for those young at heart who are looking for freedom and exercise without pain. More details…

Young and Active

There are many ways to have fun, but few can be enjoyed every day like an electric bicycle. Who would have thought that something this fun could be environmentally friendly, inexpensive and safe? More details…

Health Conscious

Cycling is a great way to get healthy or lose weight, but it must be maintained to be successful. Riding an electric bike is so much fun you’ll look forward to getting into the fresh air to exercise – even when faced with a steep hill or headwind! More details…

Keeping Up

Trouble keeping up with the kids or your partner? You’ll love the sensation of being pushed along from behind that an electric bicycle provides. Today’s electric bikes are so subtle and well integrated your kids, partner and friends might not even notice! More details…

Dollars and Sense

Looking to save money or can’t drive a car? An electric bicycle is the perfect solution. Getting from A to B has never been this cheap and enjoyable! More details…

Electric Bicycles in Melbourne
Melbourne Electric Bicycles

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