Muc-Off Bike Care Essentials




This Muc-Off cleaning kit has everything you need to make a start on your bike maintenance. With all the essentials you need this is a great starter kit from Muc-Off that will make a real difference to your bike’s condition.

Each bike cleaning kit contains 1 litre of Biodegradable Bike Cleaner with ‘Nano Scale’ materials to penetrate deeper into dirt, oil and grime than ever before. The dirt is then rinsed away easily and safely with water, leaving behind corrosion inhibitors for future protection. A painted or metal surface may look smooth to the naked eye but under a microscope it’s full of peaks and troughs. Nano sized particles are able to fill these microscopic areas and bond to form a smooth protective layer that makes it harder for dirt to adhere to the surface next time you ride.

You also get 500ml of Bike Spray which is great for lubricating all parts and driving deep into tight areas to free up seized parts. This is a fantastic way to prevent dirt adhesion between washes and reduce further maintenance time. With a large Microcell sponge and Wheel and Component Brush specifically contoured to deliver exceptional cleaning power you’ll keep your bike in tip top condition and save a packet by buying in one cleaning kit.

* Specifications may differ to those shown on the website. Please check final specifications in store.