Cane Creek ‘Thudbuster’ LT



The most efficient suspension upgrade for hardtails. By adding the Thudbuster rear suspension, you’ll ride faster, longer and stronger with better traction, more control and less fatigue.

There performance, relative low weight, and simplicity make it the best suspension upgrade you can make to your hardtail. Based on a patented parallel-linkage design, the Thudbuster LT provides up to 3 inches of active stiction to overcome – the suspension mechanism works in the direct path of the natural travel of the rear wheel. The elastomers provide the compression and rebound damping and can be easily exchanged to tune the suspension.

Bump response: The design enables the post to respond to all bumps. Unlike telescoping suspension seatposts, there is no initial stiction to overcome.

Travel: The Thudbuster LT provides nearly three inches of plush travel more than any telescoping seatpost – and continually absorbs impacts big and small.

Durability: The linkage rides on widely spaced bushings to increase lateral stiffness and deliver solid performance.

Serviceability: Split linkage arms enable ease of disassembly in the field and simple bushing replacement.

Tunability: Match the suspension to your weight and riding style by changing the elastomers. Simple.

Experience: The Thudbuster was one of the first suspension seatposts and has proven itself as suspension that works. It’s also been confirmed in competition by winning racers on the National and World Cup mountain bike circuit.

Features of the Cane Creek Thudbuster LT Seat Post

  • Post: Forged aluminium
  • Linkage: Machined aluminium
  • Pivots: Stainless steel axles with Teflon coated bushings
  • Elastomers: Twin urethane stack with various spring rates
  • Travel: 3 inches (76mm)
  • Length: 400mm regular, 450mm XL
  • Weight: 540g-570g
  • Extension: (From seat tube to center of saddle rails) minimum 144mm – maximum 296mm
* Specifications may differ to those shown on the website. Please check final specifications in store.