Basil Urban Dry



The Basil Urban Dry Double Bicycle Bag offers you ample storage for everyday essentials, wherever you and your bike are headed. Waterproof fabric keeps you covered in heavy rain, while reflective details ensure you remain visible, even at night or in limited light. This bag utilises the Basil Universal Bridge System, making it suitable for various luggage carrier types, including Rack Time, i-Rack and Carry More. A spacious 50 litre interior also provides you with ample space to stow away whatever you need to keep with you, every day. Adjustable folding closure means that you can close the bag securely once you’ve packed away the last of your  belongings, whether it’s half full or packed to the seams. Faux leather details, slick finishes and the iconic Basil logo put the perfect full stop to this first-rate bicycle bag.


  • This double bike bag is waterproof, keeping contents dry in heavy rain.
  • Generous 50 litre capacity.
  • Adjustable closure.
  • Suitable for various luggage racks thanks to the Basil Universal Bridge System.
  • Reflective details keep you visible in limited light.

Signal Red

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