Basil Miles



The Basil Miles Double Bag is a waterproof double bag with a large capacity of 32L. The dark grey/anthracite and brown details make the bag stylish. When it rains, the waterproof material ensures that the contents of the bag stays dry. The Basil Universal Bridge System fits the bag on the luggage carrier (including e-bike).  The reflective details help you to be more visible in the dark. There is also mounting spots for LED lighting. The double bag closes with the help of a roll closure and snap closure, and has a solid inner lining. This Basil Miles Double Bag is part of the Basil Miles collection.


  • The bag has Basil Universal Bridge System thus suitable for all luggage carriers (including e-bike) and can be combined with i-Rack, Rack Time and Carry More systems.
  • Reflection details and mount for LED lights ensure better visibility in the dark.
  • The bag is waterproof making your belongings dry during a heavy rainstorm.

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