Melbourne Electric Bicycles – providers of fun!

Walk into Melbourne Electric Bicycles’ store in the Melbourne Bayside suburb of St Kilda and you’ll quickly realise you’re not in a traditional bike store. You might not initially notice the difference in all the bikes, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the friendly service and the spacious, unique and beautifully presented store.

When Baron Katranski and Nathan Reizer decided to establish an electric bike store in Melbourne they wanted to provide a substantial range of quality electric bikes and accessories at the best prices and with the best service... and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Step into the store and you’ll find bikes that would look at home on the streets of Paris or in the peloton of the Tour de France. You’ll also find bikes that you’d see on any Melbourne street, bike track or dirt trail. Look closer, however, and you will see a difference in the bikes - the latest technology lithium batteries and hub or Bosch crank drive motors that make an electric bike more fun than a traditional bike!

Why choose Melbourne Electric Bicycles?

  • We sell quality electric bikes and accessories at the best prices.
  • We have Australia’s largest range of quality electric bicycles in store.
  • We don’t just sell electric bicycles; we match them to the specific requirements and size of the individual. This guarantees our customers a long-term investment in fun, fitness and freedom.
  • We provide a full after sales in-store workshop service, including a 3-month free safety check and service for every bike sold.
  • You can test ride any bike in the shop. We guarantee it will put a smile on your face!
  • Our electric bikes comply with Australian Standards, making them street legal.
  • We sell all the accessories you need for your bike.
  • We also provide short-term rental of electric bicycles, ideal for a leisurely ride along St Kilda beach or the Yarra.
  • All our bikes come with a minimum 2 year manufacturer’s electrical component warranty (including battery). Proving that our bikes are built to last.
  • We offer a free “Get home safely” 30 day insurance cover on all our bikes (please ask about our offer in store).

Check here for Melbourne Electric Bicycles videos. 

What kind of bike frame suits me?

Melbourne Electric Bicycles
Melbourne Electric Bicycles