The Hornit Bicycle Horn




The Hornit dB140 makes cycling on the road much safer. It gives cyclists a way of making themselves visible to drivers who haven’t seen them.

It comes complete with handle bar mount and trigger.


‘Road’ mode output: 140 decibels
‘Park’ mode output: 130 decibels

Dimensions and Weight

Horn: 97mm(l) x 48mm(w) x 36mm(h) 44g
Trigger: 94mm(l) x 18mm(w) x 7mm(h) 8g
Handle Bar Fixing: 32mm(l) x 18mm(w) x 38mm(h) 20g
Connecting Wire: 310mm ± 5mm


Type: 2 x AAA Batteries – 24g
Durability: Batteries will typically last 6-12 months with normal use (normal use = 6 x 1 second second blasts per day)

Total Weight

Horn, trigger, handle bar fixing and batteries: 96g

Ingress Protection Rating

IP44: Protection from splashed water and solid objects greater than 1mm in diameter