With speeds of up to 80km/h the Stealth B-52 is an ebike for the adventurous! NB: Stealth Bikes are NOT street legal.


The B-52 is capable of speeds of 80km/h and even more! Combine this with a smooth, 9 speed transmission, integrating pedal power to increase acceleration and powerful hydraulic disc brakes and the B-52 is an ebike for the adventurous. Push yourself to the limit while still staying in control. NB: Stealth Bikes are NOT street legal.

Electric bicycle specifications


Range: Up to 80 km
Noise: 65 dB at 50 km/h


Peak Power: 5,200 Watts
Speed: 80 km/h


Motor Type: Brushless DC
Battery Type: LiFePO4 600 cycle
Battery Capacity: 1500 Wh
Recharge Time: 2 hours
Charge: Standard 110-240V

Drive Train

Transmission: 9 speed sequential gearbox


Front Travel Standard: 200 mm DNM USD-8
Front Travel Upgraded: 200 mm MRP Grove 200
Rear Travel: 250 mm


Regenerative Braking Front & Rear Hydraulic Standard: Magura MT5
Upgraded: Magura MT7


Weight: 53 kg


Stealth colours


  • Constructed from aircraft certified CrMo alloys.
  • One piece monocoque frame.
  • Rigidity under the most extreme loading conditions.
  • New and improved battery fastening system allows for easy battery change overs.
  • Light weight yet ultra-stiff CrMo swing arm incorporates built in torque arms and adjustable wheelbase.


  • Producing up to 4.5kW.
  • Direct drive, brushless DC hub motor minimises moving parts.
  • Advanced design produces virtually no sound emissions.
  • Optimised traction, reliability and efficiency.


  • 9 speed sequential gear box, which provides more than enough gears for any terrain.
  • Changing gears is as simple twisting your wrist at any time.
  • The concentric swing arm pivot eliminates the need for chain tensioners, derailleurs and unnecessary maintenance.
  • Smooth, quiet and efficient ride from start to finish.


  • Standard issue 200mm, dual crown forks soak up unforgiving hits with ease.
  • Dials allow compression and rebound adjustments.
  • The improved rear shock design features improved compression and rebound adjustment for all terrains.


  • Regenerative braking which converts braking energy in to electrical energy which is fed back into the battery to extend your range.
  • Engine braking can be activated to give the rider smooth and predictable braking for most situations, while prolonging the life of the brake pads.
  • Magura’s powerful MT5 hydraulic brakes give the rider feedback with only 1 or 2 fingers on the levers.


  • Featuring lithium battery packs that use the latest in BMS technology to improve reliability, longevity and safety.
  • Smoother, more predictable power curve with up to 600 charge cycles
  • Activate the Regen button to extend battery range by converting braking energy into electrical energy which is then fed back into the battery pack.


  • Duro Razorback, which offers excellent traction in a wide range of conditions.