Schwalbe Tubes




What is a bicycle tube made of?

A bicycle tube is predominantly made of Butyl rubber. Butyl is a very elastic and airtight synthetic rubber, but as with the tire, other fillers are necessary to make up the rubber compound. The quality of a tube can vary significantly depending on the rubber compound. For instance Schwalbe tubes have very good air retention and are very elastic. This high elasticity allows a wide range of different tire sizes to be covered.

There is a difference between heat moulded and autoclave tubes. Vulcanizing in a mould improves the uniformity of wall thickness, thus reducing weight and improving air retention. This is why the inferior yet more easily produced autoclave tubes have become increasingly less popular in recent years. Schwalbe tubes have always been made using the heat moulded process.

Every tube also needs a valve, which is bonded to the tube during the vulcanizing process.

Schwalbe Tube

Which special features does a Schwalbe tube offer?

Besides the quality of the ingredients, the purity of the rubber compound is decisive for the quality of the tube. Before extrusion, the basic material is forced through a total of seven filters under enormous pressure. All tubes are inserted and inflated into a mould for the vulcanization process. Only this ensures an even wall thickness and high air retention.

All tubes are inflated and stored for 24 hours to test for air retention. Afterwards, every tube is carefully checked individually by visual inspection. The special quality control which prevents unpleasant surprises. The Schwalbe tube has been valued by German bicycle dealers for its high reliability for many years.

A tube covers many tire sizes through its high elasticity and quality. Tube no. 17 works with tires from a width of 28 mm up to 47 mm. At the same time, it is proof of the quality of the tube.

Only an extremely high-quality and reliable tube is equal to these demands.

All valves are nickel-plated and threaded. The valve core is always replaceable. Also, Schwalbe tubes with a classic bicycle valve can be inspected for pressure as they have a high-pressure valve core. As an external indicator, every tube has a stylish dust cap made out of transparent polycarbonate.

Schwalbe Tube

Note: We have a wide range of sizes available in Schwalbe tubes, in addition to the option of Presta or Schrader valves. When ordering, please indicate your tyre size and valve type in the comments section during checkout. Alternatively, email these details to us after purchase.