Melbourne Electric Bicycles participates in Eurobike 2014

Once again we are currently attending Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany.  Eurobike is an absolutely huge event housed in the old Zeppelin hangers, which showcases the new 2015 global range of quality bikes both electric and non-electric as well as accessories.  Last year a total of 1,280 exhibitors from 54 countries presented an impressive international selection in 14 (huge!) exhibition halls, accompanied by about 300 world premieres. In 2013 over 45,000 trade visitors from 111 countries as well as over 20,000 bike fans on public day attended the event, this year is expected to be even bigger!

If you want to see the latest models or where the electric bike trends are heading, then this is the event to attend.

Initial comments from day one…..Bosch (crank drive) once again seems to be dominating the European e-bike market with about 85% of new electric bikes having this system at the heart of their drives.  The shapes of the bike frames this year appear to be more organic or rounded moving away from sharp lines.  Another big trend this year is the number of “Fat” bikes on display from most manufacturers and when we say fat we mean seriously fat tyres.  One of the only brands to offer an electric version is KTM Bicycle’s Macina Freeze Plus teaming up with Bosch, this is one sexy looking brute!

KTM Macina Freeze Plus

Once again BH Emotion has launched a stunning range (EVO) of bikes for 2015, even nicer to look at than last year’s models, including the ability to charge the battery while still in the bike as well as once removed.  They even have a dual motor bicycle (Snow) which has a front and rear motor, ideal for snow or mud conditions.  KTM Bicycles have one of the largest displays at Eurobike which showcases a stunning range of technically advanced and incredibly light bikes both electric and non-electric.

Bh Stand

This year the number of electric bikes has once again increased as a percentage of the total exhibition, it is clear to see that crank drives out of Europe are still the dominant force as is the continual move to torque rather than cadence sensing bikes. Not to be outdone Gazelle (made in the home of bikes, the Netherlands) had a large display of beautifully finished with high attention to detail and subtly designed upright styled bikes.

Gazelle 5Gazelle 4Gazelle 1Gazelle 3     Gazelle2

Unfortunately not all brands (perhaps fortunately, too many to choose from) will come to Australia, but be rest assured those quality brands that do will be stocked by us! (like a child in a candy store).

Bosch Team Eurobike2014

There have been subtle changes to the 2015 Bosch system and lots of other changes to the 2015 line-ups generally, but if we were to go through everything here this would be a very long article.  Rest assured a visit to either of our 2 stores; Melbourne Electric Bicycles or Perth Electric Bike Centre (opening soon in Osborne Park) will showcase where the industry is heading as well as give you the chance to test ride and ask any further questions you may have about trends and changes for 2015 and beyond, as we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of electric bicycle technology.
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